Adorawool was started up by my partner Katie and I after many conversations, as we had both worked in the fashion industry at points in our careers and that we shared a love of wool and natural fabrics, so the business was very slowly born.

We felt that good quality affordable knitwear was either completely overpriced or simply not available to most? Many high street fashion brands are no longer using good quality natural wool, cotton or silk, but just replacing it with cheaper acrylic and other man-made alternatives. Cost-effective yes, but the prices haven't gone down. We wanted affordable, natural, sustainable clothing that's kinder to the environment. 

You can't beat natural fibres for keeping you warm, regulating heat or even keeping you cool. Some natural fabrics, like Merino, are even anti-bacterial & anti-microbial. This also means you don't need to wash them as frequently because they don't make you sweat. And as a consequence, we use less energy and do our bit for the planet in a small way.

Through our network of friends, contacts, designers and fantastic suppliers we've met through this explorative journey, we knew we could offer you a better product for less, so here we are. And we hope you love them.

We value any feedback and remain open to suggestions. We'll always do our very best to be responsive and always honest, so reach out whenever you feel.


Phone : +44 (0)1273 031621

Love Jon, Katie & team Adorawool ❤️